PHP Version and Plugin Conflicts

If Envato does not require Theme builders to use or update to the latest PHP version, consumers of Envato products are going to suffer.

I am running into a latency issue and Privacy issue which the host is claiming maybe because of a PHP version and/or a plugin conflict. But no where on the Envato site does it call out which PHP version is being used or which Plugins are conflict free with which versions. It takes two computers on separate IPs to truly test which, come on, no one is going to do. The builders test their sites and know what they are using, make them call out which Plugins and PHP version they used, so I don’t have to spend hours figuring it out. A really simple bit of information to help consumers which is what you’re here to do, provide consumer products? That should include telling us what your products are built with. Let’s help us out. You buy a car, the dealer tells you whats under the hood.

Can anybody tell me if there is a list of Plugin conflicts with PHP or browser versions, or Wordpress versions? Do you test out Plugins and Themes to make sure the builders are claiming what they say they sell is in fact true? Thank you.

Items are tested and reviewed on release.

Unfortunately there is no way for envato to maintain assurance on the volume of items for sale here esp when different hosting etc. Is likely to be configured differently.

Hi @FashionShooter,

There is so many things that can’t be compatible with certain PHP versions, and all depends on certain theme/plugin. Each code is different so it’s really difficult to say which one is compatible with given PHP version.

I doubt there will ever be a list of conflicts apart from official PHP docs, they always note what is added and what deprecated. If your host is suggesting this may be a PHP version problem, ask them to update it for you (unless you can do it yourself).

As far as I’m concerned, generally themes are compatible with PHP 4.4 and newer.


Charlie, Thank you, but it would be a tremendous help to list out the which PHP the builder is currently using on their theme. Not having it makes my job of trying to determine what’s under the hood 10 times harder. You don’t know where to look. They don’t get back to you in a timely manner, (although most do within a few day but resolving issues today). For the sake of expedience why not list that type of information on each theme? A few minutes on the theme builders part, save hundreds of hours given the landscape of collective consumers. Help us help you. You want to promote WP themes over WIX and others, do everything possible to make it easier for us, esp the easy stuff. Thanks

I get it Lucalogos. Use my analogy of buying a car. Do you know the countless man hours it would take to answer questions had dealers not created brochures. Use that approach to promote WP by listing more information so we don’t have to search or guess or waste our time with community blogs… please make it easier. List your materials. The versions you use. Like the update date. It helps and in part it promotes WP so do the community a favor and help us. Perfect example… so a search on PHP version and you are never going to get any answers using that search… try it. It is a HUGE WASTE of time… Make search better. Make builder use efficient portfolio tools or at least suggest it. Where are the notes and articles on efficient building tools for builders from the prospective of consumers? None… and each theme is a pain in the ass to figure out. Some require pages other blogs, some categories, etc. Make it easy.