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Hi, I have purchased several apps gom Code Canyon and I am happy with them all.

I am considering purchasing PHP Twitcher and would like to know where I can locate an inexpensive VPS that would comply with its requirements.

Thank you.

The answer to this is going to depend on your level of experience with managing cloud servers (directly from the command line).

The thing about a VPS is that it’s just a barebones server. You don’t generally purchase a server that is compatible with a set of requirements, but instead, you purchase a plain old server and then install the necessary software on it to meet those requirements.

The problem is, if you don’t have any experience with managing a server, it’s quite risky to go in blind. The primary concern is security considerations, and a secondary concern is your ability to diagnose and resolve random outages or technical issues.

If you’re confident in your ability to manage a server yourself, you could go with a simple, cheap cloud server from a company like Vultr or DigitalOcean. Their $5 USD/mo plans would probably be sufficient. You could then follow a guide like this one to install the necessary services.

If you’re not confident, then what you’re probably looking for is a “managed VPS” where a hosting company will provide support, management, and sometimes even installation for you, but usually at a decently higher price. DreamHost is an example of this.

I have used Plesk and I view myself mid-level; since php twitcher is a video streaming/viewing app, I was wondering about bandwidth, too. Is there a recommended bandwidth for it?

I think I will go with the managed VPS.


I’m not sure I can provide a general answer to that question. It will depend on the number of active users, how the item encodes its streams, how it manages their bitrates, average or maximum resolutions, and so on.

I have heard over the years that bandwidth tends to be the primary expense for live streaming services. Twitch has even famously dropped out of a major country before because the cost of bandwidth there was too prohibitive.

Best to ask the author of the item directly if they have any estimations or figures for you. You can do that from the item’s comments section linked below. I’ll also tag the author @crivion here.


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Hey @baileyherbert thanks a lot for tagging.

@dreidmiller please use the support form for any questions, one of my team members will be more than happy to assist. Support for PHP Twitcher: Live Video Streaming SaaS Platform for Content Creators

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Thank you. I sent a message to the author!

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