PHP Script Rejected need suggestion. Please help

I uploaded my first item PHP script but got rejected by saying
“We found it isn’t at the quality standard”,

Need suggestions and want to know what went wrong…

Project name: Vuentory - Inventory Management System With POS
Demo Link:

Project Description:

Vuentory is a vue laravel inventory management system made with Laravel and vue js . to handle any businesses stock sales purchase etc.

Live Demo – Link

Important Features

Product Management
Stock Management
Purchase Management
Sales Management
Expense Management
Easy Reporting
Instant Filtering

  • many more

Need to know what quality issue was in this project
Please help

It’s looks quite impressive, but I would still question the suitability to a marketplace like envato.

I just can’t see why/how any professional business would turn to a low cost stock marketplace to manage business critical activity and information, versus using purpose built and commercially backed solutions.