Php Script Rejected (help)

Hi there
I’ve been working on this app “Webmuse” for the past 7 months. It has been hard rejected and i just can’t understand why. There are apps here on Codecanyon like Bemusic & DeepSound that do the same thing . My app is another music streaming & sharing site with really awesome features . can anyone please tell me why my item was rejected? i worked so hard for this

DEMO ( you can signup to see admin panel also ):

Dynamic Content: Webmuse can automatically import artist/album/track data from third party APIs and find a Youtube music video for each track!

Music Store: You or users who are allowed to, can upload their own songs or albums for sale ( or free ). You can sell your own music or set author fee for artists and make money from their sales

Pro-users System: Users can get addiotional access by paying a monthly fee to you

Artist-users System: Users can request to become a verified-artist. They will get additional access after getting approved by an admin

User Groups: You are in total control of users. You can give or revoke users access to player/upload/upgrade/sell/download/report/comment/etc with few simple clicks

Page Builder: You can build customized pages using one or all of 10 availabe page widgets. You can customize pages and choose how you want to display your content with no limits

Menu Builder: You can build different customized menus for users/admins/artists/guests

Translatable: Every word or paragraph used in website, even title of widgets/pages/links created in Page Builder or Menu Builder can be easily translated

Waveforms: App will create a waveform for uploaded tracks ( with or without FFmpeg )

Follower System: Users can follow other users to see their activities in user feed

Easy installation: You can install Webmuse in less that 5 minutes using our magic installer!

User Profile: Users have their own profile. You can see user’s activites/uploads/likes/reposts/playlists/followers/followings in their profile

Artist Profile: Aritsts have their own page and you can see their single-albums/studio-albums/featured-in and related-artists in that page

Artist-user profile: Users who are also a verified artist will have connected user&artist page

Playlists: Users can add tracks/albums/other-playlists into their own playlists. Users may share or download any playlist they like

Player: Webmuse has a really advanced custom player. It can load self-hosted audios and it can load youtube-videos for you like a piece of cake

Search: Users can search thro artists/tracks/albums. Search results will include Spotify results if its allowed by setting

Chunk Upload: App can slice user-selected-files into smaller parts and upload them chunk by chunk for better upload exprience

Responsive: Everything works great on mobile. Even admin panel

Advanced Admin Panel:
Priced songs preview:

Please somebody help me im having a heart attack

Very good script, how much will costs?