Php script installation

Does anyone know what the average price for installing a product (script) when purchased here?
Just paid around $59 for the script, only to be told by the programmers they will charge $200 to install, I always thought it was around $40 - $50 which is acceptable. To be truthful, I feel ripped off, I’ve installed many scripts myself and had other scripts installed for me as and when required, but to ask for $200 for what should take no longer than 1-hour max…greed springs to mind!!!

So now I have an Auctioneer script sat doing nothing, can I get a refund under the term ‘greed’ ?

Envato doesn’t manage installation services by authors - that’s considered freelancing and thus, authors reserve the right to charge whatever price they want, or to decline your request. I’m pretty sure that isn’t a valid refund reason, unless you came to agreement on a price before purchasing and then the author broke their agreement.

You might be able to find some reasonably-priced installation services at Envato Studio. Those are vetted and backed by Envato.

Perhaps the author will be open to negotiation if you share your budget with them?

it’s just a pity that they have quite a few comments about installation problems in their comments, that is why I thought I’d ask as I’ve installed scripts many times before. What annoys me is they sell you the script, oh then forget to mention how much they will charge…until you ask later on!
So how come other companies work to help their clients throughout the whole purchase installation scenario? Simple, they know you will come back, upgrade or buy further products - greed just does not sit right with me I’m afraid - why didn’t they mention this in the ’ description ’ , because it would make people think twice about buying it in the first place!!!

According to the rules, authors are not allowed to provide this information in public. If you need installation service, you can contact me via this link or Studio by the way.

You’re not allowed to request a refund for the problems that you’re having as the Installation is not part of the script

Before purchase, you should review script requirements for the installation. If do you use Cpanel/shared hosting then you need ssh access or longest scenario FTP connection… If do you own VPS or server of course easier. I can definitely help with the installation with a small flat fee. Good luck!