PHP Script Hard Rejected - Feedback Required

Being an author on Envato, I was really disappointed when my item was hard rejected. Can someone please take a look and let me know the reasons for rejection so that I don’t do such mistakes again. The quality checking team doesn’t really give specific reason for rejection so I would appreciate if some expert can help out and take some time to provide feedback.

Admin : Opinion Finder | Admin
Email :
Pass : 60703310
Account Area :
Email :
Pass : 60703310

Let me know if more detail is needed

The design is not good, almost like there’s no design; color and spacing issues, lack of details, typo/font combination issues,

I agree with @ki-themes I’m afraid - admin looks reasonable but front end needs major work on CSS and design. Sorry

Hello @123Simples If you don’t mind i need your opinion on this one


Hello @codewand, after checking it, you did good things in backend but it still need some work like on footer part, also i can’t find where to moderate comments and votes and to be honnest i agree with @ki-themes, you should update the design for both front and backend. for a webmaster with no coding knowledges it gonna be hard to manage their website. you need a better organization and separate sections also try to divid the settings to sections and use navtabs for example general settings / theme settings / email settings / account settings … ect

I hope this was being helpfull and i wishe all the best for you. keep going and never give up. I also got a hard rejection too for my first submission with 0 clearification just rejected for no reason if you don’t mind check this post and gimme your opinion i will really appreciate that (my topic)

Good luck

Hi, This is Completely Outdated design. I suggest you can check trending items.

Thanks all for your responses and taking time to review the site. Do you think is it only the design or features/functionality is not enough ?

Could be both but you gotta find a better design first.