PHP Script Got Rejected. Suggestions please...

I have uploaded a PHP wallpaper script to code canyon. It got rejected after 10 days. The demo is available at

Snapshot of admin panel is available at,

As i am brand new to author a script at envato, any clues on why it got rejected and areas of improvement is much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

Hi @gvimalabraham.
Was it hard, or soft reject?
You’ll probably need to add a few more features. For example, use that script as an image marketplace where customers can buy images from you, and keep that feature for image downloads for free, or something like that. This was only an example, but try to add more features to it.

Best regards.

@EZCode thank you very much for your valuable suggestion. Its a hard reject. I need to customize it completely before resubmitting. Also Is it prohibited in envato to use premium admin templates in our application, eventhough we purchased them ?

If you want to use a purchased item, first of all, you’ll need to purchase the extended license, and you’ll need to send an email to the author you are currently buying the product, so he can approve the re-sale from his product. Maybe you should email the author, before buying the product, and see if he approves the re-sale, or not.

Best regards.