Php or Python

Hey guys
We are building a logo design platform like
The question is whethere to build it php or Python.
Any suggestions, reason are appreciated.

Thank you all

Why would you build it in Python?

He actually wants to create a logo design marketplace and is asking what to use…

I never worked with python, so search for performance chart comparasion and see if python is faster then php.

Keep in mind that you also need image processing so maybe imagex…
Check out this:

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Ruby on Rails … only Ruby on Rails … PHP is a one big mess :wink:

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I am not sure which language is better for this type of app. So I’m looking for expert opinion from developers and all. Thanks

Oh there’s is another one :slightly_smiling:
In your experience what would be the weakest link of php compared to ruby n rails? Thanks

performance, readability, configuration possibilities , huge gem library… in every way. :wink: RoR is running on his own server which gives additional configuration options = flexibility. Themeforest is written in RoR , for example.

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yes i think we will need that, coz the core function of the app will be on image submission and all.

Edited - Bad mood mate, sorry :slight_smile:

@chiccosinalo - just use what you are more familiar with, both languages will do just fine.

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I have not seen the answer;) but I can say … if You start working in RoR, You will love it :wink:

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My two cents: if I was going to write a complex, full-featured app, between Python and PHP I’d probably use PHP, maybe with the Lumen or Laravel frameworks. (I’ve been looking for an excuse to learn learn them!) If I was going to put together something quick and dirty, with an emphasis on composing existing command line tools, (eg. ImageMagick for image processing) I’d use Python.

The Django framework is also very capable, but in my mind the strength of Python is data manipulation and integration with other modular *nix tools.