php oop permission tutorial by codecourse on youtube

Hey guys!

I am trying to learn php oop and have been following a tutorial on youtube by codecourse. The php oop series seems to be ok but I am currently stucked in trying to understand how the permission function works. From my understanding, an user that is in grouped 2, will always be an admin or administrator. My problem is that I am thinking of making a music website that consists of level 1 and 2 teaching materials. Each one will have its unique permission in order to be able to access it. I have a feeling that it has something to do with accessing… The code is very long, so I am not sure if I should include the whole code here? I guess I could include the whole user.php or just that function class and my index.php…

I guess the best place to ask such question and learn more is at which is also part of envato ecosystem