php/mysql script to create estimates for customers

hi there, hope u guys doing fine.
I was wondering if there is a script/webapp to create cost estimates/proposals for customers, like how much would a website design and customization cost, by selecting like hosting (features), domain name, theming, customization etc and have it saved for example to a pdf for emailing to the customer.
Its like adding all required info (like customer info, requirements) and selectable options from a database to calculate at the end the final cost.
The user should also be able to kinda “theme” the output like with headers and footers, like selecting font, have premade texts (like intro text, welcome text etc)

Any help appreciated by my side :slight_smile:


Have a look at items (this is a mix of formats but can be filtered down)

well charlie, thank you for your reply. all these scripts look nice and im sure they do what they promise (or most of them) but im looking more for a Sales Quote & Proposal script/pugin/software
It should get all the data and put them in a PDF for example for mailing or printing
and it should have some info like what is that that you are proposing etc.

again thank you

That would require custom work due to the numerous potential eventualities - if you have a sensible budget then you could look for a freelancer on