PHP Item hard rejected

I uploaded a PHP usersystem to the marketplace, and it got hard rejected. I had this product up earlier this year, but after not wanting to sell it anymore, I pulled it from the marketplace. Since then I decided to do a lot of changes on it, and decided that I want to put it back up with new products that I want to sell.

I feel like maybe this rejection is because I’ve had it up before, and I removed it? If this is the case, does this mean I’m no longer allowed to sell the item on CodeCanyon?. I do understand there are people who delete and add so they get back onto the homepage for more sales, but this certainly wasn’t what I wanted.

Reason on the rejection email though is:
“unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,”

This product is full of features for an advanced user management system.


  • User management - Login and Registeration
  • Facebook Login Integration
  • User groups roles and permissions
  • User Inboxes
  • User Profiles
  • Secure pages
  • Simple installation wizard
  • Administration Panel
  • Profile picture support (Upload)
  • Gravatar profile picture support
    It doesn’t use a framework, although since its a user management system, I felt there was no need to have a framework
    I’m confused on why this has been hard rejected.

Password: admin123


Hi @Slimar, it seems a nice work, but you need to add a few more features, and maybe change your documentation.

Best regards.

Thank you for your reply.
Any suggestions on what features?

Also documentation is pretty descriptive on how to function and operate the system, also on how to extend its usage.

Well, relative to the features, we don’t really know what to add, but you can search on some pertinent features that you might think it would be interesting and could be usefull for customers.
Relative to the documentation, maybe you could add some item like errors, and how to fix them…

Best regards.

Since the email said “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”. How would I go? What should I do. Is it possible to work on a lot of more features then try and upload it again?

Since it was already uploaded in the past, I would have thought it would have no troubles with a quality check.

You shouldn’t re-submit the same project, so that’s why you’ll need to add new features to it, and maybe change some layouts.
Try it, and good luck with the new re-submission :slight_smile:

Best regards.


well it looks fine from the UI but it’s not really special enough in my opinion.

I use a Samsung A5 as Smartphone and visited your page the buttons to sign up on the landing page don’t work really on click.

As well the alerts on the secure page appear always, even when I didn’t sign in it shows me the alert for active members and also the rank 4 message appears - but why?

Basically there aren’t much features this is for other peoples in my opinion again a oneday-project. But have you thought what would happen when all coders on codecanyon create too simple and easy projects to receive money? The projects from members which have been hardly created with a lot of invested time would disappear and go under plus codecanyon would be spammed off with small 0815 projects.

But now, I can recommend you to make a lot of more features into this. Make it great and unique. There are a lot of user systems which all do the same job. Maybe this is the reason why you got hard rejected?

Cheers and good luck.

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