PHP & Angular App Hard Rejected - Help Required

Hi Everyone,
I 've submitted my first PHP & Angular 12 application and it got rejected with the message.
“we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”

It’s disheartening to see this rejected after spending 5-6 hours of late night efforts after my 9-6 job on my own. But I am more keen where did I do wrong and what did I miss.

Below is the link for review:


Could you please clarify and let me know what am I missing.
Thanks for your valuable time spending on this.

Hey memenger, You really created a great application, I have checked the demo, The application is awesome.
But don’t worry try to upload this application on codester, might they accept your application. At least your six-month hard work did not get wasted. There is a chance to sell there also.

I don’t know what is the issue with codecanyon they never told the exact reason behind hard rejection. My application also get rejected 3 times.

Good Luck

don’t use css like this,

use like this

Submit your project after 2 or 4 months