Photoshop template good enough?


Hi guys I have been working on a Jobsite PSD file and I wanted the experts here have a look and tell me if it’s suitable for Themeforest?

If you guys can give me any pointers if not.

Thanks again



Looks good, but l would watch the grey lettering on light grey, etc backgrounds, hard to see!

And the image seemed pretty wide, (l have a 15" Laptop screen) but if you have done this for large screens, like what you would find in jobsearch places, then fair enough.

I personally had to much around with centering to see all the text?



I’m pretty sure that will get rejected if you submit it on PSD Category. You had a good started points. But many small details should be improved. Good luck!! :smile:

  • tranmautritam


Could you help me out by giving me a few pointers in the right direction?



Thanks for the reply, Do you mean the bg image on the main slider? It will be responsive once coded.

The grey you refer to is that in the contact form?

It is just to let people know what the sections are for.

Would it be at all possible to leave a few comments on Redpen?

I could really use the help




Yes, big image!

And fair enough if the grey areas are for instruction only, but Envato still needs to ok it, so having hard to read instructions, isn’t a good idea?

Redpen, no, l do flyers mainly, good luck.



I have posted some comments.


I think now as we see less and less graphic stuff on webpages typografy starts to be really important thing in design. Sadly on your mockup that is quite weak spot. Check websites of biggest companies - like Apple and try to learn their way of design , and use their style. That could be a start of rethinking and making mockup much better ! Good luck !


tranmautritam thanks so much for taking the time out to post some comments on my design I really appreciate it. I will get on now and post the improvements