Photoshop mockups templates

I’m trying to sell my WordPress theme on Envato market, but I want to make a great impression for the description of the product I want to sell, like for example Avada theme uses an attractive images on the description of their theme:

Do you know where I can buy Photoshop template similar to what they are using that can describe my product ?
Thanks in advance.

Can you please tell which category to search for these marketing images

Depends what exactly you want but if you search for things like ‘mock up’ ‘phone mockup’ ‘device mockup’ etc there are loads

Make sure you know what the file format is and that you have the relevant software to edit it

I really looked everywhere i couldn’t find what i’m looking for, i need just images presentation for the description of my products, mockups are not helpful in my case.

Well all the ones on Abada for example are custom designed - they wouldn’t be difficult to create but that type of one is always going to be custom to the item it’s describing.

You could try searching “presentation” “app presentation” or “website presentation”