Photoshop freeze when using sketch drawing action

Best greetings to everyone, i’m having big problem running photoshop action that i purchased from (profactions) the Photoshop action is called ( Sketch Drawing - Portretum) looking at examples i was tempted to make artworks using this action but after purchasing and running the action, Photoshop freeze, the only way out is to use task manager to end the program, i contacted the author (profactions) asking for help, they requested me to send my PSD file, i sent my Photoshop file at the same day along with screenshots but since three days the author (profactions) never reply to my comments, i sent so many emails to the email he provided me, also did not reply to my emails, i don’t know if they’re solving my problem in process of finding me a solution or they cannot find me solution although they’re the developer but either way, at least the author should reply to client’s comments instead of keep ing me so worried, i know there is war in Ukraine, military conflicts making people of Ukraine suffering but i’m lost, i contacted envato help center since two days i did not hear anything from them, is there someone here who can provide recommendations or suggestions, i would be soo happy and thanks a million in advance

You should feel lucky if he/she’s able to reply. They have limited internet connection, most places they don’t have stable power.

Just reduce the PSD size ( 50% ) and give another shot. If it works, it means you’re having trouble with the memory of your computer.

Spamming with messages in the comments section does not help you!
Most likely your computer is too low to run this Photoshop action at high resolution.