Photos used in preview

Dear folks of Envato authors

Where do you get the photos you are using in the preview?

It is written in the following link "that you must attach a model release or a property release to the photo used in the preview.

I would like you to tell me if there are places such as free materials with such things.

Release form used only if you use your own photos with any persons. Here’s the sites with the free images:

Thank you so, so much!

so, can we add that images freely into our on sale project files also?

Another reference for free images :

You can use images 100% free and include it in your project files.

It will be better don’t include images to your project. Reviewer can ask you remove images from your project after submitting. Use images only for preview, and leave empty placeholders

I see. I will do so. thank you for your kindness!