“PHOTOLUX” Theme: How to change the order of subpages on the FRONT PAGE?

Sorry, I’m totally confused here. I have a “PHOTOLUX” Theme with “Slider” view and “Lightbox” view. The default view (i.e., when you land on the page) is set to “Slider View” and in the sidebar are 9 subpages, lets call them #1-9. However, these subpages appear in the menu on the main landing page under “Lightbox View” in a different order (which I put them in and want them in) let’s call them #9-1.

In the "Customize…Menus… Menu Grid… the "Image Gallery (“Slider View”) is listed as the “Front Page.” There are no "subpages listed below that. Therefore, there is no “order” I can change there. I don’t know where the listing of subpages for Slider View is.

However, below that is "Image Gallery (“Lightbox View”) and is listed just as “Page” but then under that are all the “Sub Pages” #9-1 (as I have arranged them.)

Questions: 1) How can I change the order of the subpages under the “Slider View”?
2) How can I change the “Front Page” designation to the “Lightbox View” page.

Nothing I’ve tried seems to work.

Any tips, ideas, insights, thoughts or intuition would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

For reference: www.garymak.photography

Hi @garymakphotography,

You can ask your query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author will answer your query.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


Thanks! Appreciate the direction. The pick list to list question categories was quite unintuitive for inexperienced or infrequent users just trying to get information or a question answered. (Coincidentally, as is often the case, after I posted it, a flash of light came from the sky above, and I was led to the answer! But if I hadn’t posted the question, I doubt if the light would have come! :laughing: Thanks again!