PhotoJPEG is obsolete and Making DXV format available for VJ community

PhotoJPEG is obsolete. It was a good run with that format but since Adobe After Effects considers it as legacy and do not allow photoJPEG exports It would be best to have other options format wise other than PROres and such.

Talking about formats, many of my customers are VJs and use resolume to playback videos for projection mapping or large LED setups and such. I have been asked so many times if I could make DXV format available. I am confident it would vastly increase my sales if I could cater more efficiently to the VJing community who is a considerable niche clientele for many motion designers authors out here.

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i agree, especially PhotoJPEG with alpha channel takes a lot of space, sometimes we need provide VJ alpha channel clip, but with photojpeg codec and size limit for 1 project, its need more than 3GB when i upload visual loops pack with only 5 loops in 4K.