Photography theme for featuring vertical (portrait) photos and copy/text

I have an ancient wordpress theme that isn’t responsive, but I’m still a big fan of simplicity and tend to have a strong dislike for ugly/clunky “designed for mobile” versions of sites with giant buttons everywhere, etc.

I also tend to shoot 95% portrait orientation photos, and want to ensure a portrait-optimized layout and design, ideally without having to diptych everything if I don’t want to (put 2 vertical photos together to make it horizontal width, like on my current site).

My current site is and so far I’m having a hard time pinning down exactly what I want, but I know I really like the simplicity and layout shown here:

I’ve seen the Bluebird theme on Themeforest but also want an SEO friendly home page with area for some copy, etc.

Thank you for any thoughts or sugestions!