Photography or Graphic Design?


Hi, I am a Graphic Designer working successfully on Upwork and Graphicriver. But to be honest I always wanted to be Photographer, now I want suggestions from you guys, should I stick with Graphic Design or I should choose Photography, tell me the reason why should I choose Photography over Design, how much Photographers are making monthly (please include both beginners and experts), can I work with International Clients through Internet? Give me answer in details of whatever you know. I am desperate to eat any advice you give about Photography.


If you’re looking to make money from the Envato Marketplace, then Graphic design is the way to go. A good graphic designer will earn more money than a good photographer on Envato, as Photodune isn’t the go-to place for stock images. Maybe it will be in the future, but for now, people are far more likely to think Graphic River when they need some graphics stuff, than they are to think PhotoDune if they need some stock images.

As for outside of Envato… I’m not that sure, as I don’t really have any experience selling photos, but there are some big stock photos out there and some photographers make a lot of money from it… but there’s also a lot of competition.

If you’re asking more from a satisfaction kind of thing, than an earning money on Envato vibe… then do whatever makes you happy!


I love traveling and take many many photos so i also like camera and Photographers :smiley:


I love Photography, and I am also a Graphic Designer, so if I become both will it be ok? as I think there are many similarities between themselves.


Nothing wrong with both… my advice was just from ‘an if you can only choose one and you want to make money on Envato’ viewpoint.