Photographer having concerns buying a HTML5 / CSS3 template with shop.

Hi, as a European photographer I’d like to make my website new, with a HTML5 template from here. I have basic knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3. My main concern is having the possibility to setup an easy webshop with it. (Selling prints, books, etc.) I see some templates having it ‘buid in’. Are they more focussed on the overseas market? Do I pay a fee with every selling, or a monthly rent? Can anyone help please? Regards DjangoFoto

There’s monthly/annual fee for hosting/domain registration but after purchasing the theme once would be enough for you. If you’re expecting to sell the items and you have basic CSS knowledge, I would suggest to avoid HTML templates and purchase WordPress instead.

In case of interest, I do have minimal design themes you can purchase as well:

Thanks very much ki-themes for your answer. Since I already have my hosting/domain running, and already made another website from scratch in Dreamweaver, Ill hope to handle the HTML. I like to keep the monthly costs low, so WordPress is not my solution. Was wondering what monthly costs there are with a shop / plugin.? Anyway thanks again for your time. Regards DjangoFoto.