PhotoDune Rejecting all my Fotos, need advice, please.


Hey Guys

I trying very hard to get my pictures into PhotoDune but i am getting rejected and id doesn’t matter which subject i am delivering. here are a few pics, could please someone tell me what’s wrong with this material! So I can work on the mistakes and deliver better stuff. Unfortunately i cannot see anything wrong with them. i would need help from someone who has a minutes or two the explain the mistakes, someone who knows what’s he is doing. I am a beginner no doubt about this but i cannot step up if i don’t see the problem! I help would be very much appropriated

Kind regards


It’s really hard to say something :slight_smile: You take photo of some machine and that’s it ? There is no art “value” in this photo. For example I spend 2 hours to take some nice macro photography, takes light, angle etc… and make 200 photos from which only 5-10 I get to Lightroom and try to get maximum effect from them.


well are there any rules that all picture on Photodune need to be artistic? i think a company who is doing farming all sells equipment like that would not be too much interested in your macro photos even if you spent 1 year on 10 pictures.


You do not understand my message…

ps. photography is an art


I asked for help all you did is trying to advertise your macro pictures.And since you couldn’t hep me with information i need i am looking for photographers who know what they are doing and can help me to improve. i am not looking for artists!


I do not advertise anything … I just say that photography is an art and it’s not enought to take photo of some roof and send it to sell. Photography need focus, sharpness, idea, frame, etc.

ps. I just get message that my portfolio was accepted :wink:

Good Luck but change Your approach.


The reason i was posting this because i want to learn and I’d be very happy to listen. Therefore i need people who can explain and willing to spend a few minutes to take a closer look at my work and point out the problems. i do not have the feeling that you want/can help. I appreciate your message but you did not help me with anything. Obviously you do not like my work, which is absolutely fine by me, but what is not fine is, that you write a lot but say very little. Yes the photo was approved, but i do not believe in luck there. i believe in knowledge and in people who can help me to grow. Luck comes automatically if you try hard and you work harder to improve yourself. Luck doesn’t come to people who are just hanging around.


I disagree with the whole “artistic” thing. I see a lot of imagery on Photodune that has no real “artistic” value to me. WordicaThemes what is art to you is not to everyone else.

Now in answer to your question:

  1. Maybe you need to think what would this image be used for.
  2. Is this image something that is generic enough for that purpose.
  3. When posting an image, always think commercial use. Could this be used in some advertising etc.

What may indeed be the problem, is not an artistic issue, and more of a real commercial use issue.


You have all internet to learn. There are hundreds of pages about photography, online courses etc. and of course You must also love to do it and have good equipment …

Again, Good Luck.


Every good photo is an art :slight_smile: Every type of photography is an art … I do know how to say it simpler. Commercial photography is also an “art” etc. You must know basics of this “art”.


Please show me one page which explains “How to put successfully pictures on Photo dune”

Also this is the comment from person who decides if it gets on Photo Dune or not. How am i supposed to know which one of the below descriptions is the problem with my picture?? That’s the help i need. Please who are successful on Photo dune!

"We’re not able to accept your submission as the image quality does not meet our requirements due to one of the following issues:

– Noise

– Blur

– Poor focus or poor focus composition (focus not where it should have been)

– Excessive or distracting motion blur, including camera shake

– Softness"


Thank you very much and i am trying hard. I easily see this picture in and add, but it was hard rejected and i have no idea why!

So i would need someone who can explain the problem here. i cannot see any!!!



can you see any noise in the pictures above??


Yes, and blur, lack of focus, motion blure … and overall it doesn’t look tasty. For food photography You need macro lens and tripod ( for best quality ) .

How looks like McDonald Hamburgers on photo and how they really looks like? :wink: That’s food photography.

But ok I end this topic … Good Luck.


I will say that the image to me looks fine. However, I am not a photographer. I am a coder and graphic designer.


:- )))))))))))))))))))))))))))) you are a very funny man. Thank you!!! With the line “It doesn’t look tasty" you help me more than i could to bargain for. All the best to you!
PS: I should have put into the description” This is not suitable for vegetarian” maybe this was the reason why it was approved!


Think and say whatever You want … :slight_smile:

ps. and don’t be so hostile … When I watch food I must want to eat it … but probably You will never understand this :slight_smile:

Last time, Good Luck.


i am only interested in pictures which photo dune accepts. and i want to know how to take this kind of pictures. Nothing else!! So what you want to watch or must eat is not my concern! as i said, i do not need luck. i need knowledge from somehow how know about selling pictures on photo dune, the rest is this fairy dust!

  1. The first image looks croped, If someone is going to use your photo what it should express ? how do you think someone will embed this image in a agriculture template ?

If you were to put the vehicle on land to simulate that is working, maybe it would have some value. Is not enough to just take pictures

  1. The quality of the images is poor. Is either oversharped or not sharp at all

  2. Learn to take sharp and clean photos, learn about composition - start with rule of third

  3. You can isolate the subject and combine with different image …

  4. I also have items approved, and I must say that is very easy to get your item approved if and onlfy if you have high quality image with good composition