Photobucket alternative Please HELP

Is there a alternative way to post my pics and links because photobucket are asking for 400$ ransom per year to do so? OMG! They could of at least notified me so I could prepare.

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Hey @AllenGrey!
Yes, they made a not so nice move. Out of the blue they decided to charge for specific functions. I moved all my pics to cloudinary. Easy to use, no fuss. First 2gb free.
Good luck

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Hi @AllenGrey. Dropbox offers a nice alternative too. 2GB free. Has worked very well for me.

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Thanks! :sunglasses:

Google Drive 15 GB free.


But to keep things organized you can always have your web server,
where you keep your files in folders
and can even have a blog, 2-3 websites or more, etc

or now a cloud hosting such as Google Drive, but don’t know if you can
include a URL link to your Google Drive files where you need it :slight_smile:

so webserver is the classic version

I don’t really trust FREE image uploading services, as they manage my pictures as they see fit, and overnight, they can change their policy, charging money for their services unannounced or any similar thing.

That’s why I have my own webserver (where I keep all my websites, scripts etc) where I also keep my pictures, exactly where I need them, organized.

I don’t think there’s a better way. “Cloud” is a marketing term for BIG SPACE ON FTP, without FTP access :))

cheers all
(i’m also a long time web-developer, so I know about these things)


For the last 5 months (since Feb.) I’m using Cloudinary to host my Photos and Videos with no probs at all. Great service so far!!

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Grrrrr so angry With Photobucket…

Have to update everything, so much work…

I had NO idea this was coming…


1 Like is a good alternative, I’m moving all my images to them right now.

what a pain in the arse that was. buh-bye, photobucket!

Wow, guys! My account just got hit with this! :confounded:

:sunglasses: Three days, six hours a day later and I’m back in business! Buy buy photobucket!

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Yeah this was a major pain. I just discovered my entire portfolio needed images re-linked due to this douche move from Photobucket. I’ve just finished pasting new HTML code into every one of my item pages. I’ve sacrificed the individual artwork I had for many of my tracks as I’m just not up for the hours/days of work it would take to reinstate all of them individually.

I settled for pasting the music genre “grid” I’ve had for the last 12 months back on each page item and I’ve moved to imgur for now.

Sympathy for all other authors impacted by this vile decision from Photobucket which amounts to ransom.

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So that was long time ago -_- i got myself today out of the blue