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Just wanted to talk about Photo Animator Templates on Videohive that are entering massively in the top week sellers :

And more

I am the author of Volumax and I’m a bit worried… I arrived a month ago on this photo Animator Template market and sold really well !
The technology I use is still unique / different compared to the others, and it works with one controller to animate and one B&W painting for 3d effect, simple. But sales are going lower and lower…

Customers seem interested in huge projects with hundreds of effects that need masks / back plates / depth maps …with 2 or 3 animation tools included … they are good templates I might use one day for a client in fact but they aren’t simple and sometimes really expensive.

I’m worried because I’m going down in the top week selling projects every week and don’t know what’s gonna happen once I’m no more in there… people don’t search for 3D photo Animating Tools. And I passed a lot of time working on that one :smile:

Thats all for this little Rooftop Chat.

I’ve been in popular for couple of weeks. The best sales I ever had in my VH journey… since then its seems impossible to reach to popular again… :smiley: Good luck with your 3D photo animator just keep it updated and you will be in populars for sure!

Thanks, hope you are right !

Hi Cream_Motion,

start looking for the solution - don’t compare the other projects, instead look what they are doing and learn from it.

The PhotoMotion gets 104 sales (till now) from new week + they have no featured file at all!!!

The solution is good targeted marketing and awesome product. As you can see the product with more options is better then for example yours with just one option… But it’s not about the product, nowadays everything is about the marketing (SEO, Social media, email list, copywriting, product page, etc,.) You need to build a list of people, so you can always keep your project updated with your audience.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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I was just looking into that Photo Motion Pro - Professional 3D Photo Animator which i purchased for a year ago. Its great but complicate to get ride of it. This Item has sold over 10, 000…omg:). Now i see this Volumax-x3d-photoanimator. Try to figure out why the first photanimator have among of sales …uha. Volumax looks more intresting for me cause its easier to use? The different looks like volumax use easy controller, no masking arround like a jojo…
Yes i agree with MotionRunner, PhotoMotion just worked very hard with their SEO (marketing) website, customers support etc which be sure have a lot of costs. Keep up Cream i just thinking to purchase your product and try it out. I am my self not looking for huge effects in a template. I can create them self with other stuff i have on my computer…So wait and you will see your product will sale better again when customers seen what they missing…


Hello and thank for your enthousiasm, I hope seeing you very soon as a customer of VoluMax.

My original message is 2 years old and meanwhile Volumax has been 14 months in the top selling Videohive page with more than 3000 customers. I am not going to complain or be jealous of PhotoMotion :slight_smile:

Yes i noticed that and 3000 is good. You should maybe have a contest like the authors for the 3-D- animator to boost your sales? Its never to late:)

Well it’s a great idea but I cannot create a contest… only Envato can :wink:

@ Cream-Motion Hi I really wanted to buy volumax but reading the extended licence agreement put me off. It basically stated every time I processed an image using the volumax plug in I exhausted my licence and I would have to pay the same amount again.
It was giving me the same licence I would have for some one off vector image etc.

It was not giving me a tool licence were I can purchase the product and pay for an extended licence that allows me to produce end products I can sale.

For example If I process an image using Volumax plugin I can sale that image and then I can take a completely different image process that in using volumax, then find a buyer, etc. All on the same licence.

could you clarify my usage rights if I Purchase Volumax plugin with an extended licence.

Hello and thank you for your interest !

I know licensing can be confusing, please send me a message via the contact form on my profile page so I can explain in detail: Cream-Motion's profile on VideoHive

All the best.
Gaëtan // Cream-Motion

Thanks for the reply

I followed the link but I couldn’t find and were to contact you.

I sent and email via