Phonic isloation Vs Ventilation dilemma

Hi gals and guys,

After having been pushed to the edge of sanity by my upstairs neighbors last year, I sold my apartment and bought a house. One of the great things about it is that I now have a dedicated and isolated space to set up my home studio. I had been producing in our living-room for the past 6 years, and this is going to change my life.

Thing is, the studio is in a basement and would require a ventilation system. The contractor wants to drill a 20cm diameter hole in my thick wall. While I understand the necessity of good ventilation, it kinda bums me out to invest in a phonic door and soundproofing material, and then have a huge hole ruin all this effort.

So my question is have any of you guys had to deal with this dilemma (I imagine it must be a common issue)? And how did you deal with it?



20 cm diameter seems a bit extreme to me.Are you talking about professional HVAC? Or just regular air conditioner? Which doesn’t require 20 cm. Anyways.The loss is not at all an issue.I’d worry more about the unit noise itself.If we talking about regular air conditioner unit.Unless you are planning to build an anechoic chamber, you will never notice any ‘sonic leakage’ :slight_smile: The hole will be filled with conduits and you will be able to seal around the edges with siliconic foam.


It’s neither an air conditioner (we only got one planet) nor a professional HVAC (not enough space, and the noise of the unit would be an issue for sure), but rather a passive ventilation system that would somehow create an air flux, or so I understood (I’m pretty much clueless about that stuff). I’ll see if I can get those 20cm down.

I’m worried about street noise leaking in, as well as music leaking out. Can silicon foam really help? I get sealing the edges, but what about the hole itself, I mean it’s going to be wide open, right? How can noise not come in through there?

Maybe, I’m picturing it wrong.

You really need good a good ventilation system, especially if your room is that good isolated.
20 cm diameter is normal. There are silencer you can place between your ventilation tube.

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Regarding the fact that is a basement, and an isolated room, you will need a proper, ventilation system. The simple passive air vent will not do the job, unfortunatelly.

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Silencers, I like the sound of that! I’ll check it out. Ok, so 20cm isn’t odd or too much, good to know.

You mean something that’s powered, right? That’s a bummer! It’s gonna drive me nuts, I can feel it already… Plus I really don’t where I’d put it. Not good news. Thanks for the heads up!