Phew made it to Elite


Nice! Probably one of the last to get there the way things are going! Congrats!


Congratulations @gballx! A few days ago I said I would be the first to congratulate you, and I was too slow to make that happen. Very happy for you, anyway!


Super serious achievement!
Congrats, mate!


Congratulations !


Great work!

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Big congrats! Great achievement and inspiring.


Way to go, Graham!!! You rock!!! :slight_smile: :beers:

Meet you there around November, if I survive the Elements Chainsaw Massacre! Hahaha! :laughing:

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Congrats! Proud of ya!


Congratulations!! :slight_smile: and beers!! :beer::beer::beer:


Congrats you conquered the mountain with such great masterworks!


WOW! This is a great achievement! Really happy for you :slight_smile: This is a great achievement! Congratulations! :tada::sparkles:




Felicitaciones Graham my man! Well deserved, took longer that it should have as your music is awesome and very useful among a different niches. Good luck and best wishes!


Congratulations to you. Really well deserved. :violin::tada:


off to the bahamas, haha kidding.
well done
Congratulations man


CONGRATS! :tada::+1::sunglasses::wink::smiley::grinning:


Congratulation!! :smiley:


@gballx Great achievement, congratulations :tada:


Hey Graham, big congrats Sir! :slight_smile: