Petition to merge Elements with Envato market

I propose initiating a petition to merge Envato Elements with Envato Market,
consolidating all items within a single search page.

Please respond with either “YES” or “NO.”


How would that work - they are completely different models eg subscription v one off payment

If you combined item search while retaining the purchase or subscription element it would be complete chaos?

If you merged then there is no point in having the distinct marketplaces at all.

I can’t see it happening


What’s the point?

Customers with a subscription will also have access to items not covered by their subscription. This will provide buyers with a broader selection, potentially leading them to purchase items outside the scope of their Elements subscription.

When you say the ‘will access’ you mean that they will see search results that they cannot then download mixed in with ones they can?

Not that ‘access’ means they can download the items too?

That would cause complete confusion and frustration

It’s straightforward: certain items are included at no additional cost, while others require an extra fee if chosen. There’s no room for confusion in this arrangement. Similar models can be found in other digital marketplaces as well.

Could you share an example of somewhere doing this please.

For instance, on platforms like Pond5, you have the option to either pay per individual item or access a subscription model within the same marketplace.

There’s still quite a big difference between that and envato

  1. Their subscription is 10/month compared to envato’s ‘unlimited’ and
  2. even then it’s only music and sound effects where buyers have access to all items - footage and other categories is ‘a selection’

Envato also do not allow everyone to upload their content to elements to prevent it becoming a dumping ground or just a mirror copy of the main marketplaces, an issue that would be created by merging.

The unlimited model lacks sustainability. It’s perplexing why Envato is offering unlimited access at such a low cost when no other market follows a similar approach. This might be the reason why they will likely reconsider this business model.

Storyblocks offer a similar approach. As do Motion Array. And Motion Elements. If it wasn’t sustainable, they’d have noticed and done something about it by now… I can’t see any reconsidering on the horizon.

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Perhaps they want to get all the customers and later raise the subscription price

Why not give everything for free :slight_smile:

don’t tell them!!! :smile::smile:

So you’re basically proposing a unified search platform where whatever the buyer wants to search he gets the results from both the envatomarket and envatoelements shown to him where some of them are subscription based from envatoelements and others from envatomarket are one time purchase?