(Petition to Envato) Update Author Fees


just simply move to other marketplace… you can use 50% of your sales for marketing budget.


Just got my last sales, earn $2.03 from $15 HTML item.


If they were to increase anything over 70% then if it’s an affiliate sale, you’d take money from envato, since affiliate sales are 30%. Putting a max-out limit in effect (to not receive over 100% of the sale) is some extra work and complicates things. I believe the affiliate cut should be 10-20% but on all sales (or for a limited time at least) not just the first buy or deposit because that’s just silly and it not on par with the “regular affiliate programs” all aroud the web. There is simply not enough incentive to bring in new buyers as an affiliate. Lowering the % but increasing the quality of referrals should allow the author % to be increased over 70%. I’d also bump all prices in unison by a fixed 50% or similar because they are super low already. It makes items look cheap.


Something that no one takes into account is Piracy, to say/think this does not effect sales is absurd. were not talking about the odd file here its rife and its across all marketplaces
Point is, Envato do almost next to nothing to stop it. oh, they can make you pay the tax on there half but have no authority for takedowns. lol, pay there tax but cant takedown cos you own the files. if that is correct why are we paying there tax on the THERE 50% . i reckon Envato has been sold but the staff remain. This USA thing is purley about money. so there’s more to seeing thn what meets the eyeballs. GREED , ITS NOTHING LESS AND NOTHING MORE AND MY BET PIRACY and other things are EFFECTING TRAFFIC AND SALES. it has to have a bearing. if you do not beleive this then your not living in the real world


Huge drop in earnings here. I got around 15% less on my earnings because of this stupid tax thing.


I don’t understand tax!

My last sales 15$ from United States.
-$3.60 US Royalty Withholding Tax
= $4.8


Hi all,

Is there any option to increase the price ONLY to US Customers to cover those Withhold Tax?

Any suggestions to improve this idea?



As the withholding tax amount varies based on authors country, it would be difficult to set arbitrary price tag.


Why difficult?

Its all about coding I think. They’re having complete data of the authors. So, I dont think its difficult to fix the price based on the author’s country.

developers, am i right?


Sure, it may be possible with coding, but is it really effective?

Let’s do some math:

exclusive author level 1 with W-8 form but no tax treaty sells $10 item
purchase price: $10 - 20% = $8.00 ($2.00 buyer fee)
gross income: $8 - 30% = $5,60 ($2,40 US Royalty Witholding Tax)
gross income: $8 - 37,50% = $5,00 ($3,00 author fee)
earnings: $8 - $2.40 - $3.00 = $2.60 net income for author

to double the earnings, the purchase price must be doubled

purchase price: $20 - 20% = $16.00 ($4.00 buyer fee)
gross income: $16 - 30% = $11,20 ($4.80 US Royalty Witholding Tax)
gross income: $16 - 37,50% = $10,00 ($6,00 author fee)
earnings: $16 - $4.80 - $6.00 = $5.20 net income for author

With a doubled purchase price, does sales to customers in the United States remain the same?
With a slightly raised purchase price, is it a really a compensation for the US tax?


All this will be solved once they introduce ability to set custom prices across marketplaces. Then everyone will be able to do whatever he wants with prices of their items.


Good Point. Lets hope for double/triple sales from USA to compensate. Meanwhile its really funny to sponsor US Government :wink:



It is a very bad idea…


No, its not.

Buyers will continue to buy what they like, regardless of some prices going little bit up or down, and your templates will not stop selling because some other templates are priced at lowest.

I agree that there should be some limits to how high or low specific categories can be priced.


I live in Brazil and we don’t have any tax treaty with the US, so I can relate to the pain of earning less.

Even though I think that we should do something, I have to agree with those who think that this won’t change anything and Envato doesn’t care about the authors that were hurt with these changes.

If we could somehow make a lot of authors agree to leave Envato all at once, to pressure them, I believe only then we would get a decent feedback.


I’m sure they could if they really wanted to, however… the whole idea of moving to the US was to increase sales to US buyers. Increasing the prices, just for the people they are looking to attract, probably wouldn’t achieve that.


I’m new here, from France, i signed as a non exclusive, i started in November '15, made a few sales and now i can agree that all those complicated taxes are not fair for us, i recently made a sale for a Music Broadcast License and:

Here’s my earning… :cold_sweat:, don’t know exactly what’s happening, I earn 10 % of the original sale that was 24 Dollars, look at my Author Fee !!

I just simply really DON’T understand…



Your author fee isn’t influenced by the taxes. Your author fees are the same now as they were in 2015. It’s only the $5.76 that relates to taxes, not the $10.56.

However, as an author from France, if you fill out the W8 with a valid Tax ID, then you won’t have any taxes withheld. There was a thread on French authors and tax ID’s, will see if I can find it. I think I read that there’s no formal tax number for French citizens, but I could be wrong.


C’est ici…


I’m in but in other way I know that - 10% of provision is -10% of Envato profit from TF. So It will be hard :wink: