(Petition to Envato) Update Author Fees


Guys, but does it mean you can return this taxes later?

How Do I Get a Tax Credit to Show I’ve Paid Tax Already?

You will be provided a summary of the taxes withheld and you can use this to claim a tax credit subject to the laws of your country. Talk to your tax advisor to discuss how this can be done in your country.

Here’s an example of the summary document you’ll receive. We will provide a copy of the Form 1042-S to each author and the IRS in March of the following US tax year. The first one will be in March 2017.


Today I got first sale from US and from 17$ item I got 4.3$, now I definitely won’t make anything new on this market, ever


Envato, are taking some providence to our problem?


many issues that authors have been complaining about did not find any kind of echo whatsoever in envato’s side and that’s a sad thing to think about indeed , as , let’s face it, both of them and us and are nothing without each other … if they have no authors and no items, they sell nothing and are back at the time they were to in a garage in australia … on the other hand , if they are not here , we authors have only small alternatives to work with and our incomes will plunge gamely again … so thats sad that envato is not thinking a bit more about us when we really thunk of them by investing much time, effort and try to get to take our game to the next level for them …


i think that’s never a good thing to be critics-free anyway, because criticism is what makes a whole lot of things go forward, especially when the criticism is not meant to hurt … . That’s what a lot of people seem to forget in envato office , lots of us express when we do not like something because we like this place in the first place and want it to be better again. Sadly enough , here they prefer , corporate attitudes rather than positive criticism until guys sometimes get a bit harsher about th way they feel … maybe they like to have boot -lickers, but these people are not going to take them to the next level , when reasonable / critic people will do but letting them know what would be a good thing for things to embetter …


start with fulfilling the W8, it ill help u not to lose too much money, when u do, u can evaluate if this is not worth the drive or not, but we all know , and u are right about it , that adding some additional tax was not any beneficial for anyone author-wise


I’ve filled the W8 form but I don’t have tax ID and I don’t believe my country has any tax treaties with US so there is no difference, I’m still paying those extra 30%


this basically means that u did not check, otherwise, u would know, so i assume that u should start with checking … . not having a tax iD temporarily is not a problem, as long as u ask for one, and fulfill the w8 all the same, then when u receive your number, u update , that’s it …


I just can not believe how Envato can ignore these topics …Nobody from Envato staff has answered on these topics…They just simply dont care…"You have right to sell under our rules or you can just leave the marketplace (you small unimportant being).


The tax ID won’t make any difference though, as Bosnia doesn’t have a tax treaty with the US. It will be 30% with a tax ID and 30% without.


u maybe right on this one, obviously, however , this is not the only “issue” if u wish, as many authors feel like being disconsidered and that’s what is the real deal in my view. Person,ally i will not say this all the same but all what i can tell is that i don’t feel like we have the kind of partnership that we should have with the marketplace and its represent ant indeed. Guys are just asked some superficial and not shallow questions in some rather insignificant surveys, that’s all, and for me this is a pity and thing that makes this place not as high as it should be , as i assume that paying more attention about authors needs would also push the company once step above by making the place a better place again for both buyers and sellers indeed


i have always considered that authors should create a author association and try to have a bit weight to be able to discuss some major issues with envato instead of being imposed all without having a word to say, for this is a partnership that we are in, as envato helps us to make money and we help them to make money too … it they are not here we do not del anything or almost nothing, on the other hand, if they have no author, they also have no item and they make no money at all either …


@n2n44 well said. Maybe an IRC chat room could be a good start. problem is, to many people on here are blindly loyal to Envato and some may even be scared/paranoid of speaking out to much or some just cant be bothers to get involved. Envato have and are treating authors like this , simply because they can.
If i look at my January sales, Envato fee’s because of the tax, come to more than my actual net earnings and the tax is almost as much as the net earning cos of the fee’s.
What ever people want to say is just not on.
My last sale was from Israel and i live in the uk but i payed tax to America. laughable.


buddy, the fact of the matter is that they have flagged more messages that in the past and just fail to understand that people do not express “unclockwise opinions” for their pleasure but for the place to be a better place for all , anyway thats’ not the sign that all we are saying is welcome and i guess that’s what some guys are afraid of. On the other hand, we all work very hard for this place, because we really like it in the first place and because we need this place to develop so that our revenue is a better too … and the fact of the matter is that if we stop expressing , this is like we are giving u the idea to have a better place and that’s hurtful both for envato and us in the end … .


The main problem here is that staff doesn’t asnwering with SOLUTIONS…You know…“Hey guys, i know its painfull but it have to be and i just came here to say something”


If you live in the UK there is no reason for you to pay any US tax. You should fill the W8 and forget all about it. There is no reason for you to give up your hard earned to the US.


I’ve talked with number of authors. They are still selling here, but in the other hands, they are finding way to move out as soon as they can.


for me quitting anything is never a solution (especially as times are tough for designers and that this is probably going to get even worst in the future) , now , if whoever can do just that, and wants to get some cash, this is a smart move not to bet “only on one horse”, if u know what i mean … the problem is that alternatives are not so easy to find , especially efficient ones …


i do agree with u on this … however, maybe @solowork as some reasons for him not to fulfill the thing, we do not know what the story of everyone of us is all about … and what i wanted to say about is, that , no matter what, we can actually say that theres’ not been much help for us to fulfill that unwanted boring paperwork that made us lose a lot of time in many ways (when we all already invest much time to offer good things to sell here). In addition , if they wanted all people to fulfill the thing, it would have been legitimate that they offer forms in different languages. Let’s be honest, sometimes, papers and processes are hard to go through in our native languages , so try to imagine what the whole thing actually is in a different language …


we feed America. :hamburger:

we don’t live in America :smirk: