(Petition to Envato) Update Author Fees


I am totally agree with everything what’s said @odin_design.
I just feel that right now we are more then enough authors for the marketplace, and they just filter.
So, will remain just those who can remain here.


Ho ok.

Why Envato tax 2 times for a single item and also author fee for 2 times for a single item


Varun, you see two red text, 2 yellow text, but why dont you see 2 green text and say I was paid twice :smiley:

Anyways, to answer your question. They now split the item sale virtually in item+6 month support package, and they are treated as separate entities in statement. They did it months ago.

In the end, you get same % that you are supposed to get based on your author level and other cuts. So it makes no difference than having some additional rows in statement.



I know that i have been paid 2 times. but they Envato need to deduct 2 times tax and 2 time author fee ??


Yep - sadly this is right. Petition will do nothing.

The only thing that can shake up the envato tree is if some power elite authors start leaving as a statement for the wider community, and let the dominos start to fall.

As long as envato is in the position of market share domination they are (for now), I don’t think they will consider changing the rules - which is probably a total headache for them from a legal point of view.

This game could bite in the bum big time though. This community is full of World Class Talent in all the areas of skills needed to build an incredible new marketplace with better author conditions. One can only imagine what a team of some of the best UX designers, frontend and backend developers from the author community could come up with, if they get annoyed enough to decide to form an elite-level startup…

Never underestimate the power of community-powered projects… I guess envato is pretty aware of that, since they based their success on this community model.

I know most small authors like me secretly (or not so secretly) dream of this scenario to happen :slightly_smiling:


Yep. You are right. but do you think any power elite author will do it ??. i dont think so. :frowning: but yes some one can… but when and who ?


I don’t think any power-elite author would remove their account from ThemeForest, just to make a statement. Considering the amount of $$ they are generating on a daily basis, this would just be a plain stupid business decision.

However, I see the gathering of a solid team of quality authors teaming up to create a new marketplace like something very realistic. Stocksy took a lot of share over iStockPhoto for very similar reasons where authors felt the conditions were just better.

I am sad I am even writing this. I used to love envato and always speak very highly of anything they do. I would get aggressively defensive over anyone saying bad stuff about anything envato related.

I still have a lot of respect for the way envato contributed in making me a full-time front end developer feeding my whole family (not from earnings, but from the tuts+ site where I took my first steps, to the phenomenal exposure being an author on TF brings to authors.

I actually have been hand picked by the art director for the company where I currently work near full-time. They found my account on ThemeForest, saw my location and decided to have a chat.

I owe a lot to envato. A lot or respect, and gratitude.

But I think envato owes me the same. They owe every single author a lot of respect and gratitude. We all contributed, at different levels, to creating this envato marketplaces empire.

I want to continue speaking highly envato. Right now though, to be honest, I don’t feel much respect is given to authors, and I am not very confident about where the 2020 plan is taking this community.


Doubt it.

Five years ago TurboSquid decided to drop the royalty rate to 40% from the usual 50% when they introduced exclusivity program called SquidGuild, where new seller would be payed 50%, then incrementally with +$2000 in sales would get extra 2% and so on, up to 60% with total of $10k and more in sales. The outrage was massive and lasted maybe a year, some of the big seller quit the site altogether, but nothing has been changed to this day.


None of 'em will. The process it takes would loss more money than they will lose for the taxes- no-one ain’t gonna take that step.


I am agree with Odin_Design.
My bad dream - Sale $7 and finally I got $1.82


I agree with @Odin_Design. I’m come from country don’t have US tax treaty. So I have pay 30% for tax.
We pay tax for our earn not pay tax for Envato earn.


Some response from Envato team?


oh god, there is not response, seems that envato does not care about authors, I hope to hear some solution for this from the envato team
it is unfair to be paying taxes from my earning and from the earning of envato


I am agree with Odin_Design.


If only it works that way…


This is just wrong in so many ways !!
$8.83 - $4.08 US tax = $4.75 of $17

If there were an option to block US customers I would be more then happy to do it,this is a humiliation.


Heya guys. I realize this is a pain point, and I’ve been reading everything you’ve been saying. I don’t want you to confuse lack of response for lack of care, though.

While we may have to introduce things that are not always popular (I can’t think of anyone who likes taxes other than the government :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), we do really care about your experience and your tremendous commitment to this community. Thank you so much for that!


So how about not taxing us for your earnings? Either that or don’t call it a “US Royalty Withholding Tax”.


Well, if you do really care about our experience, a simple “we’re looking into this” or “we’re doing this because…” would have done the job. You chose to ignore us so far, there are tons of topics discussing about this and not a single f#ck given from envato’s side. So no, you don’t really care about us, you care about profits.
Like rmpumper said, why are we paying your taxes?
Yes, nobody likes taxes, other than the government, but we would like to pay OUR taxes, not yours too.



In my opinion taxes divide our great community. Why I have 10% withheld after filling out W8 + valid tax ID and my friend from Dubai don’t have chance and withheld 30%?

At the beginning we all begin with the same income rate etc… we are all equal… sorry we were all equal!

I understand that money is important but you kill the company and fantastic community.