(Petition to Envato) Update Author Fees


I guess there are three options.

  1. They keep fees the same.
  2. They decrease fees so authors get more and Envato get less.
  3. They increase fees so Envato get more and authors get less.

If option two would (paraphrasing your words) make both authors and Envato happy… surely option three would also make both authors and Envato happy?



I am not saying envato to reduce the author fees to much

The can reduce a bit and also reduce the buyer fee so we can able to fix our item price at the best


Well just like you’re making decisions and suggestions based on your best interests, Envato also need to make decisions based on their interests.

Yes, they can’t just think of their interests, they need to balance the needs of the buyers and authors, so obviously they’re not going to put the fees up to 99% or anything.

For them to reduce the fees there would have to be some kind of benefit to them for doing so. It may attract a few more providers but that wouldn’t have any real impact in offseting the cost of reducing the fees.


If Envato lowers the fees a bit, say 1 dollar, you personally won’t feel it that much, but Envato will, because they will be making way less money, as in thousand dollars less each month.


lets talk what we are doing in india now a days.
I was paying 20% of earned money as a tax
when I go to restaurent i was paying 18%
when i go to movie i was paying 28% tax
when i purchase car iam paying road tax and all other taxes
even if i changed to some other state i need to pay the road tax for that state
after paying taxes of income we are paying every thing in india for what we need.
They are only charging you for us sales which is the irs rule to run this website without any problem
I know they are getting the lots money but that does not mean they need to give you everything that ask

for example
if you have a company and you have a employee working for you at 5k salary
so you are getting 5 lakh amount monthly
suddenly he found it hard and wanted to get more money after knowing the income of that guy
will you give amount he asked. obviously we are not . we just increment his salary to get motivated and keep continue the work.
but in envato you are owner of your content
literally the same thing going on here but with 50 to 70% share. it has taken 11 years to envato to come this far.
we are asking increase of share because we are getting some low amount of money because of some other governament rules.

I am not going against any one here
Iam a motion graphics artist and videohive author too. I get 50% of my earnings from envato and 50% earnings from motion graphics projects. I know what it goes over when you have a company. I need to met lots of bills at the end of the month like power bill, internet bill, cleaning bills, water bills, coffee bills, employee salaries, office space rent etc.

I simply saying one thing envato is biggest market thats because designer community, quality over quantity items.
we just need to look after for more sales and also improve sales and more income per every item.


Thanks. you are right. we pay F** tax for everything and every time. now we just implemented GST about (18%)
also we have another rule to maintain min of 100$ in our bank account … even if its

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account

I feel like you are talking a bit favor to envato… i am not sure why. or i am really sorry if i am wrong

I just feel like we are the owner of the content. but based on the new rules (Important Changes To Our Exclusivity Policy) I dont think so.

i am not saying envato reduce alltogether.

These are the companyies / services they own.

  1. Envato Tust+
  2. Envato Market.
  3. Envato Elements
  4. Envato Studio
  5. Envato Sites

And envato mainly earns from

  1. Envato Market (Audiojungle,Videohive)
  2. Envato Studio
  3. Envato Hosted Sites (themeforest)

We are also trying to get more sales. doing our best but mostly all users wanted to have free version.

I am sure about this because. i have a plugin hosted @ wordpress.org which has 5K+ installs (i know this is tool low.)

I keep getting email reg pro purchase asking to reduce the price for about 10$ - 15$


No, we’re being neutral, as were not suggesting the fees should go up. You’re leaning in favour of yourself though, and although that’s kind of human nature, you are looking to benefit at the expense of Envato.

All of the things you mentioned aren’t really related to Envato. These are taxes imposed by governments using rules that Envato have to follow. They don’t take all the GST and VAT and have a big boat party or a wombat racing event at the end of the month, so it’s not like they are benefiting from these changes.

But still, any withholding tax that you have to pay will be documented for you at the end of the year, so you can offset the income tax you owe in your own country. So it’s not a loss… it’s more like a savings account. Sure, I’d rather have it in my pocket than somebody elses, but it all evens out in the long run.

(That applies to you though… people in tax free countries get the short end of the stick, and I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed if non-tax treaty companies can offset the withholding tax… but for the majority of authors, they can.)


Bro i did not taking any favor towards envato.
the same rules that goes over me that goes over you.
even yesterday night i got a extended sale 66$ i just only got i just got only $36 after all taxes. as Iam one step close to elite level.
this does not change any thing if Iam talking favor of envato. I just want to think about reality of making things possible.

Well I will tell you How my journey started here;
I have attempted exam for almost 53 times to create author account in the begining which is essential in those days
to clear that exam I need to understand basic principles how this market works. now a days guys can easily start the account start selling which is very easy.

In the begining the review system is very hard for me but even though my first project approved so without any hassle
and earned the amount 3 times amount of my salary. its not about that money I got that day its confidence yes I can do some stuff and earn money even I don’t have job.

when i have started working in videohive there are couple of competitor websites are there. one of the famous website has been always got problems and later closed. Because they don’t follow the rules. i was seeing lots of websites coming during this time and lots of them closed after they feel it is not possible to run such a website that easily.

so one day I am feeling there are other websites that are selling same kind of project with higher price almost double
or triple two months later they have increased the price twice.

some of things i did not like about envato too such as taking care of pirate sites and etc. but when i balance them the good things are getting better. i Just left the thinking of those bad things.


As I am from India I can’t submit this tax paper to it department. I can’t get my taxes back.



Every has their own story and their point of view . Right ??

I am not talking about the author level as you mentioned.

I just want to share my thoughts. If in case I hurt you I am really sorry for it…


hi @SpaceStockFootage

In we are not clear with tax thing yet how we can get benefit of this tax treaty thing. I was asking Some CA about these things while tax paying. They are also confuse about these things. They just asking some time to read those documents envato sent and also tax rules about this treaty thing. I don’t think we indians don’t get benefit of tax treaty as an individual. So we would happy if envato creates a thread abouth this indian tax treaty thing how its get benefitcal for authors and give some information that would be helpful.


Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Dispite everything, and there for no losses for anyone, I think envato should apply a minimum value for a product.
For example. Instead of selling an HTML for $17, why not apply a minimum value for HTML products as $30?!
Ok, I understand that other markets sell cheaper products, but and what about the quality envato offers to customers?!
If the price range would increase, and every author would be on the same position, for changing their product values for the minimum value, this would be fair for everyone. Well, probably sales would be reduced, but at least for us as authors would receive a bit more $$ from our product sales.
For being well succeed, and having a great number of sales, an author needs to make an awesome product. For this to happen, the author needs to buy the last trending plugins. An author has to buy awesome images pack (so that it won’t be the same as everyone). An author needs to commit to the product and work for 24 hours a day, and lose many months, or years of work. And even if this author made an awesome work, and then there is like some product in the same line of products, but this product is the number one selling product, than the work and the time lost from the author was in vain, and the sales were rather poor, or maybe no sales at all, and also this takes again to the point that the value earned by an author isn’t profitable to keep working like this.
I know that you are going to say that Envato lets you decide, and you are free to leave.
But it’s always a bit unpleasant for an author to receive a low value when he took the time, where he could stay with his family, but still… this is business right?! And everyone as to play by the rules.

Best regards.


Very unlikely they will as they’re not tax advisors, an article on one country would mean they’d have to do one for every country, and they’d need to be constantly updated to adapt to every small change in the rules across all countries.

They minimise their exposure to liability if they leave it to the professionals… I.e. a tax advisor in your own country.

But as India has a tax treaty with the US, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to offset the tax you’ve paid against the tax you owe. If somebody is saying you can’t, then I’m pretty sure they’ve got that wrong.


Probably best to keep that kind of thing in the ADP thread, as it’s not really related to fees in particular.


@MotionMAX I too agree with you.

Let me be frank.
Few months before even i had a website named http://webtechfreaky.com in which i just shared the monthly free files. just for free. and that project / site was a failure. i spent about 500$ in maintain it for a year. and it just had about 50Views and 5 downloads per month. and then later it was tracked down by envato and i took it down. but still i can see many other sites. where they are even reselling files. at a cheaper price.

For eg lets say you have a wp plugin. @ 20$ and other sites sell that plugin just for 1 - 3$ max. which if really bad. and also they dont buy it from envato. the collect those plugins from their customers and provide % based on the sites. i kown many site like that. (Not only me most of the ppls here knows)

Envato was able to take down only the failure website. but not able to take down the other website that the issue now. :frowning:

anyways now i learn from it and feel very bad for running webtechfreaky.com. i really learned from it. and never ever will do that again!>


I am sure that there is noting to do with increasing the price of a product which might affect the product sales. but still you can do that with Author Driven Pricing As said by @SpaceStockFootage


as i said before i might be wrong. but still i am fighting here to earn .

My question is why i need to pay US Taxes ? because i pay my income tax in my country. if a custom from us buys an item then envato should take care of the US Tax not the author…

I am sorry if i said anything wrong


Found this article. It’s more about salaries than withholding tax on sales, but the general gist is the same… with regards to confirmation on the US being able to tax you and you being able to use that tax to your benefit when doing your Indian tax return:


Here’s an important excerpt from it…

If the service is rendered in USA, in addition to India, USA also has the right to tax that income. Person can claim credit of US federal income tax in Indian tax return (also known as “Credit Method”)



I did my best to find out how i can claim the US Taxes in india. but all our auditors says it can be done. i am not sure if any other india author did it!


Try mentioning this ‘credit method’ might help. Somebody must know how to do it!