(Petition to Envato) Partnership Tools

+1 for this nice idea.

It is an awesome idea and implementing this would prove that Envato is willing to do something to improve its relation with the authors after the latest decisions.

Very nice solution. Envato must consider something like this for sure.

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Great Idea. I think Envato has the capacity to implement it, even better if they are interested to make something good for us. Hope they will consider it. I made near $600k sales and we are in different countries with my partners. Every solution will be good for us. If there is no solution we have to pay a lot of fees and taxes and this will make our partnership very hard.

There is nothing without a solution, except when we don’t want to make it.


We really need such tool guys, envato’s competitor had such feature already, long time ago.

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This is absolutely a must-have feature for all partnerships on the market according to the latest changes. Envato must implement it.


Awesome idea!

Hey Everyone.

I posted this response over on the main thread about this but I am reposting it here in case you miss it.

Envato enters into a legal agreement with the person who creates an account and agrees to the terms and conditions. This person can register as an individual or as a representative of a business/company that complies with all our usual terms (be registered in a country, put forward its tax details, receive funds to its payment accounts, and so on). As Collis announced back in 2015, for non-US authors, that business/company can be a corporation or other type of entity, but not a partnership.

There cannot be multiple owners of an Envato account. The person or business/company representative who created the account and agreed to the terms and conditions must also be same person whose details are listed on the account and in the Form W-9 or Form W-8BEN or Form W-8BEN-E associated with the account. We can only make payouts to payout destinations belonging to the person or business/company who owns the Envato account.

Because Envato enters into an agreement with the person or business/company who creates an account and agrees to the terms and conditions, we cannot recognize other types of ownership structures, including partnerships, and won’t be creating tools that might confuse that relationship.

And why not migrate to another market that pays what corresponds to us? For example, if you are not exclusive, they pay you 50%. If your Item costs $59 they pay you $29.5, and they do not discount Taxes, and just from the balance they divide the%.

Remember Envato is Big because the authors bring clients from all sides, we can do the same wherever we are.

I think if the process run successfully many author will be benefited by this. It will save many partners who actually suffer much insecure partnership :cry:

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