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Thanks to all for the support! One more idea we had is to make a Weekly Spotlight in the Home page, like this quick sketch:

This will be really useful to showcase handpicked and the best of niche items, and will give exposure to items that, in other cases, will be buried by the top sellers. You can change the bigger ones every week to showcase new categories, like: Best Sports, Best Creative, Best Gaming, etc… This will help buyers quickly find what they are looking for

What do you think?

We’ll @ some of the Envato team again so you can check it out

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You described only Homepage Design and Newest Items. New items will disappear after 3-4 days. What will after that? You know that 90% customers search new items from categories as “corporate, personal, directory, wedding…etc”. If you check out in categories sort of filter is “best seller”, it is very bad. If you have any design for Categories please add also.

handpicked by whom?! if by staff we will end up with some guys , surprisingly enough, not getting any exposure … and the docile corporatists and minimalistic sheeps (serving only platform interests) given it all on the other side … for me this idea is not a good idea, to say the least, indeed. If u are not convinced, just check what is happening this far …

there are many ways to manipulate things up for results anyways … have a look at guys with 3000+ items in their portfolios , most of them are quickly done and really average (how could it be a different way when u have 6,7,8 flyers submitted per day), when not complete copies of things that had already been done by others. Though, guess what, there is an example like this, the guy with 3K+ items had 19 slots ouf of the first 24 for the first page of search engine! and over 30 out of the first 48 …


This is so “Furked” up.
Music and bands themes, order by newest items, the first items are from 2017 updated 2 months ago

RI ❋ DI ❋ CU ❋ LO ❋ US

All the themes don’t even appear!!!
Ok if you want to show the most popular or tranding by default but, if I choose by Newes Items, WHY DA HELL DO I SEE 2017 PRODUCTS and not 2019 ones???

Guys, which kind of miraculous hallucinogen do you feed the developers?

When did common sense logic left place to some “alice in wonderland” sense of order?

This is going ridiculous.

Ah, but yes, we need to listen to the customers… while you mix up the website in some nonsense way that only god knows… yess… right…

We also thought handpicked by the community via forums, but we realized that can be easily manipulated…there are already several examples of poeple making several accounts to vote/give opinions in the forums. Anyway, it-s just a base, that boxes can fit anything, like New items in Sports, or New Danceclub flyers…things like that

on the first post we mentioned this…our idea is to do things like

or this:

so buyers can quickly find the Newest category really quick

That is cool. That is WP Homepage. What about WP Categories page? They must remove Dropdown from sort of filter

this is good to offer possibilities and for all the people to evaluate them, being against something and offering no solution at all makes opposition look “sterile” so this idea u had is worth exposing, but as for me i think that people in the staff already have a very big power already and that it would be better that the decisions are propelled this way …

Not talking about decisions (at lease me, other people maybe are) but I’m just saying that when you order items for newest item, the newest are not the newest! are from 2017 or earlier, in every category! So, if there is any arcane mechanism of extraction mising different parameters, it would be good to know.

Anyway, for every category you go, ordering by newest first, extracts random old themes that are not the newest, not the most up to date, not trending, not the top selling, not the nicest design, are simply in a f’d up order!!!

no need to get nervous buddy , we just talk lol

Your point is right, and no, I’m not nervous. Also, I was sustaining that is not the concept of the new pages to have problems, is the query algorithm that returns bad results, as you choose latest items and you see stuff from 2 years ago.

u know honestly , as for me when i search through search engines, i am really amazed at how i fail to understand how they sort lol i see some very successful and old and some new one working not necessarily well or having almost no sale at all … i am most importantly wandering how so many rather average items turn out to be given such good positions in search result pages … i searched where were my “back to school” flyers and they are after a football flyer … (when i typed “back to school flyer” in the engine lol can u identify this? LOL) how could the thing get there and have a way better position that my items that are far ? mystery! lol

Yes, there are some items COMPLETELY out of their category, and coming at first places in those useless other categories. We found fashion ecommerce sites in the Music category and they didn’t even had support for audio.

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Not only WordPress or html but ecommerce themes are also affected.