Pet Peeve: Developers & Product Road Maps.

How Do Roadmaps Fit into Continuous Delivery?

Who keeps a product road map and feature requests?
These things I find lacking in Code Canyon. If a developer want to keep “interest” in their offerings I think it’s important for them develop the “excitement” by offering product roadmaps and feature requests.
That keeps things from going “stale”.
What’s your thoughts?

I find it very interesting that developers aren’t answering this question.

Hi @tradenet! Do you mean CodeCanyon authors offering public roadmaps for their items, or Envato as a company publishing a roadmap for that marketplace?

I’ve seen a few examples of roadmaps on Envato Market items - for example, the top sellers on ThemeForest tend to show more detail about features that are coming up in future. The item page for Avada links to their full changelog listing new features, fixes and improvements for the current version.