Personal project related question. How to duplicate effect and how to stretch shattering area (Explanation video added)



Any After Effect pro here who can help me out with this?

There are 2 problems that i currently face,

1.) In video you can see that shattering effect brings visible text that i have selected.
Idea is that shattering come visible as tattoos to the body.
One text is coming visible on specific time in time line.
I need that text to be that small as it is in video and shattering effect to affect also only that area where text is in video.
But shattering particles stop falling at end of brown box. I cant stretch the box to same size as the picture as it will also then stretch out text and then text is too big and in wrong place.

2.) When i try to copy effect and create via paste method new and edit text in that one it will change also text in original one but i don`t want that.
How to prevent that?

The shattering in different parts for words need to happen different time.
Please help me out if u know.
Or maby give me some tips how to fix this.

Thank you so much.

Here is video link (Youtube):