Personal Portfolio HTML, has been rejected

Hi guys.

I’m a newbie in web development and new in this platform. My first project, a landing page in HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript and PHP, was rejected and I would like to know how to fix this issue and be accepted. Which kind of advise you could give to me to not be rejected?

Here you guys can have a look and help if it is possible.

Thank you guys in advance.


Please add link demo preview because we can help you.

Sorry… there you go…

Sorry I say you that your html is too basic but you need make more premium for themeforest approved.

Errors html:

  • Old colors (black and white)

  • Spacing

  • Click images (my works) screenshots but you need click images open popup.

  • Typography

  • Hierarchy

  • Need more sections

  • Need add more effects.



Ok! Cool. I’ll be working on it!

Thanks for the help!

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