Personal blog wordpress theme has been rejected! Please advice.

Hi everyone,

I sent a personal blog WordPress theme to ThemeForest recently and unfortunately, it has been rejected without any details. This is not my first item and I tested all things and functionality. Please advise.
Thanks a lot for your time

There are too many issues with it this is why you didn’t get a soft reject.

It is to simple, nothing special, the competition is fierce on Themeforest, check the lastest approve themes you will understand what I mean.

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I think that your design maybe already have in other item of themeforest (I am not sure), you need make a design more unique style 100% will at be approved themeforest, thank you.

P.S: Other my opinion that your design is not good quality for sell themeforest, for example themeforest if approved your design, it’s not sales nothing, try make design more good quality. You can see other design in themeofrest alredy approved (colors, typography, shapes, etc etc).

I tried for a minimal and simple design.

The overall design feels like it was built out of separate independent blocks. It doesn’t look and feel consistent and united.

  • There are lots of shadows, borders, small spacing which don’t really make any value there.
  • I didn’t notice any full-screen/full-width elements. Even the posts featured images are of the container-width for no reason. It makes the overall design even more “boxed” and underlines the elements independency and their separation.
  • Buttons on the pages are styled completely differently – just compare “Post Comment”, “Subscribe” and “Submit Form” (contact page). They are all have different colors, border radius and font.
  • Posts categories (small labels) have inconsistent colors. Sometimes they are white, sometimes blue, sometimes they have their own color and posts counter (in footer).
  • Typography hierarchy is also could be improved.
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I believe that getting a theme rejected is not the end of the world. It’s happened to all of us at some point. The review process can be quite subjective, and sometimes themes that deserve to be approved end up facing rejection.