Performing Rights Organisations question


I have question about PRO. In Poland we have main PRO = ZAIKS. But we have also something called STOART or SAWP.

ZAIKS = typical PRO for composers’ royalties, huge institution
STOART and SAWP = royalties for performers (for example royalties of guitarist who only played on the track), they are much smaller than ZAIKS. You can be registered in ZAIKS and only in one of them.

How it looks in other countries? USA? UK? Is there any kind of similar division between these PROs?

Pssst: @SFmusic we were talking about it yesterday.

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@RedOctopus check this out: it seems that some european countries ( I didn’t check how many of them ) have the same separation of collecting societies between composers/authors and performers. It seems that it’s completely different model of collecting royalties than that one in the States.

If anyone has experience with that especialy guys with divided collecting societies like in Poland, please share with us. We are trying to figure it out if we and other authors miss somewhere part of our royalties.

In argentina we have PRO is called SADAIC and is for authors (music and lyrics) and then we have AADI that is for interpretation (the musicians that played in the record) You have to be in both as they recollect money from different sources.
That is for money inside the country. If you are willing to get money from another place, you are done, almost impossible.

The UK is PRS and I think it covers everything.

Hope this helps.

Can authors register at foreign P.R.O?

Hello, I don’t know if this is the case for all countries and PROs… but BMI for instance can be joined by people from various countries. (Greece, France…)

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