Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text 2 - Lesson 2.1

In my installation, when trying to change the font size, as in the lesson, there’s no font size, but there is “ignored_packages” in the user (not default) settings. I’m unable to introduce a font size without throwing an error. I’m at a loss.

RESOLVED: Considering I didn’t know what I was doing, in the user settings, I removed the code block about the ignored packages (since it’s mentioned in the default settings already). I added the code block for the font_size. No error message.

However, the lesson assumes the “ignored_packages” code is already not there. Sublime has quite the learning curve without issues like this.

Interestingly, Sublime 3 beta doesn’t have the extra code block.

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Hi @mscwebmaster, sorry you’ve been having trouble with this course.

What was the error message you received? One initial thought is to wonder if there was a problem with the delimiter between the font_size and ignored_packages settings. For example, in my editor (version 3 though) I have the following user settings:

"font_size": 11,
"tab_size": 2

The settings need to be separated by commas. For example, if I added another setting below tab_size, but didn’t add a comma to the end of the line, I would get an error.

Anyway, did you find that the course was missing some information or had an inconsistency? If we can really nail down what went wrong, I could create an annotation and notes for future viewers who might have the same problem.


I did discover that I needed to add a comma. YAY! I learned something. But the ignored_packages was added to the user settings, even though it was already in the default. Since the user settings works in much the same as CSS (which I do speak), anything different in the user settings overrides the default settings, which is why it’s a much shorter file. However - THAT’S not the tutorial’s fault. Except the tutorial doesn’t show the “Vintage” or explain what’s going on at all.

Happily, the extra code block was removed from the user settings of Sublime 3, AND I figured out about the comma.

Also, you might want to mention that because of “rootless” in El Capitan (Apple and SIP - bless their hearts), it’s not possible to go in through Automator (lesson 2.2) and create a shell for the shortcut to /bin/zsh/ so one can right-click on a file to open it in Sublime. Because rootless won’t let you access /bin/ (among others) any longer unless you turn off SIP. I’ve been told there are work-arounds, but definitely not via Automator.

Thanks for reporting back on that @mscwebmaster! I’ll add an annotation to lesson 2.2, as you suggest, so that other students know that the Automator right-click to open shortcut for Sublime is no longer an option.