Perfect shop theme?



Hello people!:slight_smile: Recently I wasn’t looking up much to Envato marketplaces since I got a job and here I have a question about it. I’m building and managing an online shop of the company I work for. I used the Divi theme, although I guess it isn’t the solution I was looking for I guess.

It came out that our shop will have pretty much almost thousand products. I tried creating third menu in Divi (vertical with collapsing categories) but it just doesn’t look good with this theme. The thing is to have a shop that will be in polish language (even though Divi is translated I had to translate many strings myself cuz’ they had bunch of mistakes).

And I need help in choosing the right theme, because I don’t want to make the mistake again. It’s not a big problem to rebuild informative pages (about us, contact etc.) And if it helps then the company sells tyre changers, lifters, wheel accessories etc. Thank you for any help.