percussive intro got rejected

i produced short Intro with the very cheap earphones i have.
i tried my best to sound my mix clear and balanced.

aaaaah! i am so confused. i dont no what to ask.
can you please say what i am doing wrong?

please review this.
i named track “stomp Intro logo”

For me it lacks low end, the ringing cymbals sounds weird and degraded, the mid-high spectrum drums (snares? or low hard hi hat maybe?) sound too alike and lack definition.

Also, I think it lacks dynamics, the whole thing sounds a bit bland.

I hope you won’t take offense to my words which may sound a bit harsh, this is merely my opinion. But with a bit more work, I think you may achieve a result that will pass review.

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Thanks for reply,
I should not offend to the people who shows me my mistake :):grin:

On audiojungle, I observed from this type of ‘stomp’ tracks is they doesn’t have that low end. I mean that main boom boom is usually mid and very low in volume. :sweat_smile:

Month ago i uploaded track with good low end but they rejected it so i didn’t added low end in this track.

Can you suggest me any example of tracks i can produce with average headphones, (which doesn’t contains melodic elements, cuz i can’t mix it well with my current earphones. So i want to focus only on percussive type tracks)

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.