People stop copycating the bestsellers

People stop copycating the bestsellers. That is so obvious and stupid. Dont you want to be unique and respected authors ? Clear copying someone elses technique and overall look is just cheap.


+1 agree…this past year much of the ‘new’ ae templates are poorly done copycats…i wish the reviewers would be stricter and not approve so many junk aeps…sales are low with too many copycats… you’re one of the good original authors, it’s likely discouraging when you good guys get copied by newcomers, and buyers like me don’t buy copycat projects, we see the difference; they cheapen the marketplace agree

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my humbly opinion is - this is not “problem” with authors, problem is in Videohive , do you remember “waves” “sea” Videohive sad - we don’t need more see, after that lot’s of see, water etc etc

+1 I must agree with you @cyzer. Most of the time I’m having trouble distinguishing authors because, recently, I’ve seen lots of similar files approved on VideoHive. I have to go straight to the item’s page to see who actually created that file.

I guess there is a big demand for that kind of projects so maybe that’s why reviewers are accepting them.

One of my item recently was “xeroxed” with no shame. Same idea, same look, same functionality, same category. Everything. And what can I do?

Search and destroy boys. Apropo salut :smiley:

If it were so simple.

Salut. Imi pare bine ca mai e cineva din Romania pe forum.
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Totally agree. I think we should clearly state this problem envato, it does not benefit them in the long term.He is leaving open only to low-quality door. This is becoming increasingly difficult for authors, but also for buyers. Anyone have any idea about it, we can do our part to make this issue the attention it deserves copper? :smirk:
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Report copycating to envato support. They will take it down,

It also seems that videohive’s top projects are copycated to other sites too…

At least lets stop it inside VH…

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