People need agressive music?!!!

Hi, everibody! I want to ask all people on audiojungle:people need agressive music? I mean NOT such genres as old rock or old metal!
I creating most of unusual music for singers and listeners of metal, buuuuut envato very often reject my tracks!!! Quality? Pfffff… I really hard working for quality for every track! Most of people purchases my music and writes me: dude, amathing tracks! Can I use this in my song for my band? Sooo… Whats a problem, envato? If people needs hard music, maybe you’re will make less hard rejects on metal music? So, what are you think about it?

Post your rejected tracks so we can figure out

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Where i can post my rejected tracks?

Soundcloud is an easy option.

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You could listen to aggressive music specialist, @AmazAudio portfolio.
At least you can post your track here so we can listen to it. Usually AJ just needs a simple arrangement and not too dynamic one.


Thanks Fasssounds I need to listen to wolfsound too.

I have no problems with aggressive music and stingers!

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Hi @bosone well, you tracks were downloaded in 2012 , that was long ago , and now review is different )

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I continue to upload rock stingers withuot problems

no more metal but still quite “heavy”…

haha i am not that aggressive person bro !
but i have some heavy stuff on my portfolio !

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hmm , now everything became clear ))) I wonder )))

So, you right) Reviews more harder now, but I don’t understand, why arrangement of tracks must be boring?

But one more moment: most of metal on audiojungle its old rock and oooold metal. And where people must to find subgenres such as post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore?..
If envato to attract an audience of this type, this will be really good for all, isn’t it?

absolutely , but only reviewers adhere to commerce , and then they just ( to mine opinion ) rejected a lot of tracks ) not only mine )

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If the mix is right and the song is marketable (is that a official word? if not, it is now) and will sell decently… i see no reason for rejection.
Just look at today’s television (MMA, Spike, UFC, fight videos, sports like racing, skateboarding, snowboarding, flying) or gaming (COD videos, battlefield, etc…)
There is plenty of need for heavy stuff, granted not as much as the happyclappy ballslappy ukulele inspiration genre, but it is needed.
BUT!.. it needs to be simple and and work for video editors/gamers/movie makers/commercial use.

That being said, TailOff… upload some of your work so we can have a fair listen.


Oh… Ok! You right, Rob) Mass commerce for audiojungle more important than single way of music for singers and bands. Very bad(

This made my day. :sunglasses:


as long as the heavy music serves a purpose and it is well produced, i see no reasons for rejection.
this could mean no complex arrangements, very “straight” phrases, catchy rhytm and maybe lack of a melody if the track is to be used as a background or loop for video or game.
some use include, as said, extreme sport action video, sport product promo, car race, fight, etc

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Don’t you mean uploaded? Now a lot of your older posts make sense to me. :slight_smile:

is there a difference ? and in what sense ? :wink:
if that sorry for my еnglish )