People help me! rejected the track

Reviewer Posts: This submission does not meet our general commercial production (mixing / mastering / sample quality) standard, unfortunately.
What did I do wrong? if you know tell me please

Hi Alem,

Check your drumsamples and staccato strings section… they make it sound cheap. (0:47)
The all out part at the very end is out of place as well in my opinion, not neccesary.

All in all it could work, but these two things stick out to me the most. good luck!

Is mastering well done? It is suitable for commerce?

I think that melodies/ harmony are very cool, but all sample sounds and mixing quality is low. Try to use better samples and to mix track well and I hope it will be ok. Good luck! :slight_smile:

it’s the next music, what do you think this will take?

You are on the right road. But the sound of the mix too much compression.