People are copying html template

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:
& Envato Team @charlie4282 @KingDog

Now a days so many people are copying themeforest html items using software, so share your ideas & helpful information how to stop this !
Thank you

ilmosys team

If you mean copying and submitting then approved then that needs to be raised with support

If you mean ripping and stealing files or redistributing the on dodgey websites then this is really bad but there is very little anyone can do.

Unfortunately it is the nature of digital downloads etc and far from exclusively a problem here (although the standard is higher here generally so more likely for people to do it).

Authors can try minfiying code or various other features but this will only do so much to prevent it and if someone wants to get round it then they will.


Thank you for reply @charlie4282

Yes i mean stealing files, using software
is there any idea , so no can download HTML pages. or Source


Now a days every html item of themeforest is stealing