Pencil Sketch Photoshop Actions

Pencil Sketch & Color Actions for Photoshop

As usual with commercial Actions for Photoshop, they don’t work. Usually it is “command select not available” or something about filter command not available.

I am using the most current Photoshop CC

As there are no instructions, I tried images in 8 and 16bit, with a single layer canned Background or called something else and so on.

I use a personalised workspace and have no intention of modifying that just for this!

Any suggestions or should I give up?

First you must know what the message that is appears means, and that is cannot perform a certain step for some reason… if you use CMYK mode all filters not available and that can be the cause or action use Oil Paint Filter and in your photoshop it is not available and similar.
Do not change the layer names random, it is best to ask the author for help… if you fail put a link to the action here so I will try to help you.

I’ve given up on Actions since there are just too many variables. It would be OK if the action could reset Photoshop settings to something it knows will work, and then restore them to what the user wants. Is this possible? As far as I am concerned, the author is the people who sold it to me - Pencil Sketch Photoshop Actions/Envato.

It’s not quite complicated as it seems to you now and yes it is possible for the action to adjust itself RGB mode and 8Bits, with every action should come help file with basic startup information.

These are the most important variables for the play action:

  • Work only with ENGLISH language photoshop (How to change language to English TUTORIAL).
  • Use the RGB Mode and 8 Bits color (Go to Image/Mode and check the RGB color and 8 Bits/Channel).
  • Set the Opacity brush and flow to 100% (Select Brush Tool and move Opacity and Flow slider to 100%).
  • Be sure the photo set Background from layer (Go to Layer/New/Background from layer or simply drag & drop photo in photoshop).

Author is a person or team who has a profile on Envato, and you can contact via email on his profile page.