Peace & Blessings Everyone, My all (6) songs are rejected (Please give me some suggestions)

Peace & Blessings Everyone, :blush:
**My all (6) songs are rejected,**What can I do?

Now I’m stat creating new music :musical_score:
Please give me some suggestions (so I will not get mistakes again)

These are my top 2 tracks (in my opinion)

Tracks are OK

No Idea why they rejected!:worried:

Hello 0urMusic!

First of all, the main synth part in “Get in Action” seems a little repetitive and uninteresting to me. Also, the high synth melody that comes in at 1:12 clashes with the main synth part. I would rethink this melody a bit more.

Feeling So Good: Too choppy, melody sounds too busy. The snare sample sounds a bit dull as well.

Hope this helps!

Neither tracks have great melodies, not catchy enough and doesn’t grab your attention really. Get In Action sounds dated, like some old techno stuff from the early 2000’s. Feeling So Good same thing, the track sounds old and the sounds and drums are flat, not fresh and new sounding if that makes sense.

Just one question,
Should I work on these tracks or just live them and create new
Please tell
Thanks :slightly_smiling:

The sound is very flat, volume and pan aren’t good. Try to work more at mixing stage.

P.S. Start new I think.