PDF Manual has NO images where they should be.

I just bought the "Flour & Powder - Photoshop Actions " addon.
The package contains the file "Flour & Powder HELP.pdf file."
The pdf only has text and the image boxes are empty except for the arrows that point to something invisible that we are and should be able to see, but can’t.
Where might I get the rest of the manual, with pictures?

I tried upload a screen cap and this being a trial and error forum I discovered, by trial and error and the eventual popup, that “new users cannot upload attachments” here and there is no indication how long a “user” has to wait before we may be allowed to post a complete question, is a refund in order or is there a very brief waiting period to be a old user so I CAN post with the image examples?

A lot of hassle for just one plugin.

Hello @Outernaut

Welcome to the forums! I’m sure the author will answer all questions. Please use following section: