PayPal withdrawal limits

i am new here , so i am wondering if it is possible and legit to withdraw money on Paypal and not to get blocked on 1500$ limit or whatever it is since Envato pays that automatic US Withholding Tax for us?
My point is that for example you don`t pay taxes in your own country but if paypal asks for some tax document you show that you pay that US tax from each sale and it works fine? Did anyone try it?

The limit on PayPal has nothing to do with Envato and the withholding tax in the USA. Start the account verification process at Paypal to unlock the limit. PayPal don’t ask you for tax documents, they are a US company and report your transactions automatically to the IRS if you reach the threshold for reporting. The IRS itself may exchage tax data about you with the tax authorities in your country, this depends on the tax treaty between your country and the USA.