Paypal Payment not received due to eMail change.




As the topic already says, I did not get my payment due to a stupid mistake of mine. I changed my paypal email adress, but did not change it in the withdrawal tab on my envato marketplace. So at the moment all my august earnings, which I wanted to pay out, are being processed with my old email, which is not connected to any paypal account. The withdrawal date is always the 15th of the following month, so with now having the 16th of September, I’m a bit worried about my earnings. I did not yet open a support ticket, because maybe some of you guys can help me with my stupid mistake.

Furthermore I now did change my default eMail adress, to my current paypal adress, but yet the august payments are being processed with my old one. :confused:

I’m really looking forward to some help and already thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey Philip!

No worries, this happens more than you might think! If you’d like to open up a Help Ticket and let me know the ticket ID, I’ll pass this over to our finance team who can help you with this :blush:




Thanks for the fast response! :slight_smile: My ticket ID is: 305777

Thanks again! :smile:


MhW please, help me :smiley:

My similar problems

My ticket ID is: 305588

Thanks :blush:


Hello. I don’t want to hurry you, but how long does it take, till the support comes back to me, due to the fact I did not receive anything but an automated response, saying my supoort request will be processed as soon as possible. :smile:

Thanks for the help once again! :slight_smile: